Ben Skinner Winter Sessions Winner

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Ben Skinner Winter Sessions Winner

Ben Skinner wins ‘Innovation In Filming Award’

When the waves are pumping and the sun is shining you have to make the most of it! One cool winter afternoon Ben Skinner took his iON Air Pro 3 and paddled out for one last session before heading to China. Ben mounted the iON goggle and head strap camera to the side of his head and kept going into the night.


“After shaping all day trying to get everything done before going to China for the WLT, I managed to get this session in as it got dark,” Skinner recalls.”Getting out over the rocks wasn’t fun.”

Ben decided to submit his footage to Magic Seaweeds Winter Sessions competition and was prized with the Innovation in Filming Award. Congratulations Ben and enjoy some slow motion Cornish barrels!


innovation in filming certificate

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