Billy Morgan Joins Team iON

Billy Morgan Joins Team iON

Billy Morgan (24) grew up in Southampton.  As a youngster Billy trained as an acrobat where he learned how to somersault, flip and twist.  When Billy learned to snowboard, he was able to transfer these skills. This gave Billy a head start in freestyle snowboarding. After spending several winter seasons in the Alps and California, Billy’s talent and results became very noticeable.
The decision was made to join the GB Snowboard Team where he received coaching from head coach Hamish McKnight. Hamish found that Billy was very receptive to the coaching and was able to quickly fine tune Billy’s competition runs. In December 2011 Billy was the first in the world to land a Tripple Backside Rodeo. This went viral on youtube and to this day no one has landed the same trick.

In 2012 Billy won the Big Air World Cup in front of his home crowd at the London Freeze. With the Olympic qualification series opening up in 2013, Billy and the GB team jumped on to the World Cup Tour. Billy quickly proved that his training had paid off by landing solid competition runs and getting some great World Cup Results.

2nd Copper, USA

2nd Stoneham, Canada

3rd Sierra Nevada, Spain

With a current 6th place Wold Cup Ranking, Billy (on paper) is the UK’s best chance for winning a male Snowboard Slopestyle Medal in Februarys Winter Olympics in Russia.

Action cameras have become an essential tool for snowboarders to carry on the mountain. Billy feels that the captured footage is not only great for sharing with your friends or fans but the footage is also used for video analysis. Billy goes on to say that the essential things to look for in action cameras is firstly video quality. Secondly, these cameras must be simple to use because it isn’t easy to be playing with settings while your hands are cold and shaking with adrenalin.

For this reason Billy choose to sign a deal with iON Cameras. With great quality video capture, simple settings and a straightforward start stop function. The iON Air Pro 3 is the ideal tool to take on to the mountain. The aerodynamic shape is perfect for mounting to helmets or for simply storing in your pocket. With a quick draw slide of a switch the camera is rolling so that you don’t miss that important moment. The vibration lets you know that the camera is in the record mode so there is no need to look for a red light.

Billy will join World Cup Freestyle Skier James “Woodsy” Woods in Team iON UK’s Winter Olympic Dream Team.

Snowboarder Billy Morgan with his iON Camera

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