Destruction and a wet leg

Bovisand in devon

Destruction and a wet leg

The UK has been taking a real beating over the last few weeks as storms have passed over the British Isles.

One of the most hard hit areas of the country is the South West where I (Dan Wakeham) am based. High tides mixed with huge waves battered and destroyed coast side buildings. Bars and restaurants had their windows smashed and their furniture dragged out in to the sea by surging currents of water. The train line by Dawlish was washed away leaving Devon and Cornwall cut off from the rest of the country for many months to come.


With all this happening on my doorstep i decided to go and capture some of natures power. Plymouth is protected from the ocean swell by a one mile long, 15 meter deep wall called breakwater. We headed beyond this protective wall to a place called Bovisand. With my waterproof iON Air Pro 3 camera on a pole and set to film at 120 fps i tried to get as close to the raging swell as possible. A surprise wave could quite easily blast over the wall and wash me in to the cold washy water but i decided to push my luck and see how close i could get. In the end i got away lightly when a wave soaked  my jeans.

Below: Fort Bovisand has stood strong since the 1800’s and in its time must have seen its fair share of pounding weather. They don’t make them like they used to!

Photo taken on my AP3



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