Dirty mudder fu****s – Win the iON Experience

Dirty mudder fu****s – Win the iON Experience

Tough Mudder will be hitting Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire this weekend. So we would like to introduce you to our winners of the iON Experience.

The team is named “Dirty Mudder Fu****s” and we are told that you should be able to guess the last word in their team name. This must mean that it isn’t an appropriate word to post online or something? The team is fronted by Josh Allen so he has introduce firstly to himself and to his team:


josh allen portraitJosh Allen (AKA Josh Jakins)


– Cameraman/director -run Visiomoto Films

– Racing instructor at Palmer Sport

– My dream is to compete in Formula Drift in the states (and win a championship)

– I have two modes obsessed and uninterested.

– I find it difficult to cope with not being the best at everything I try but i’m working on it.

– I got to the last 100 trying out for the british olympic skeleton team. – I

– I was in the daily express teaching a journalist how to do drifting/stunt driving to promote the movie Jack Reacher. I’m told Tom Cruise has actually seen the video which you can see here.

– Have never run a tough mudder an the furthest i’ve ever run was about 7km. so it could get interesting.

– I completed a spartan sprint race last year and it was the first thing i’ve ever done like it in my life.

– Has no natural instincts for self preservation.

– Once did a double back flip of a estimated 50ft high bridge into a river. to later find out that someone had died merely jumping in. but a dude in a kayak applauded so it was worth it.

– most looking forward to everest.


tobyneeds1Toby Needs

– Is a qualified coastal day skipper

– Currently working in land development/property acquisition

– Ex royal marine commando.

– loves sky diving and rugby

– Favourite band is Thin Lizzy also enjoys playing guitar

– Can sail/captain a boat. – he has a camel tattoo, on his toe.

– if he was made of chocolate he would eat himself.

– endurance machine.

– could probably win the tough mudder but will mostly be hitting on his team mates

– most looking forward to taking his clothes off at the end





jess moloney portrait

Jess Moloney

– 50% of her body is tattoo’d

– Has run a tough mudder before, only person on the team that has.

– Works for Vivienne Westwood.

– completed the New York Maraton, The LA marathon as well as a half marathon.

– Goals are to complete an iron man and make ultra marathons seem a walk in the park. start by doing a bunch more marathons, triathlons. already signed up to do another tough mudder , survival of the fittest and a triathlon this year.

– Favourite food is tuna steak.

– Moonlights as a road runner.

– Most looking forward to ice cold water, crawling under barbed wire and getting electrocuted.


Laura conte

Laura Conte

– Laura is afraid of too many things to mention.

– Is a beauty therapist.

– loves deadlifts, yoga, italy.

– Owns a dog called Ari Gold

– Ambition is to be taller.

– Role model is tinker bell

– Has no idea what she is getting herself into.

– Recently made exercise a big part of her life and wanted something to work towards and focus on.

– Done nothing like this before ever, a complete novice!

– Loves music, animals and David Attenborough

– Completely obsessed with yoga and chocolate.

– most looking forward to Sunday when its all over


So we wish team “Dirty Mudder Fu..s” the best of luck and look forward to meeting you on the weekend.


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