Dirty mudder fu****s – iON Experience Video

tough mudder team

Dirty mudder fu****s – iON Experience Video

Team Dirty Mudder Fu****S stepped it up a level at Tough Mudder

Team captain Josh told us that he could put on a good show which would make for a great movie and he didn’t disappoint! The team of four consisted of two guys and two girls, 3 of which were all Tough Mudder virgins. A yoga fanatic and an ex-Marine Commando were on the team so these guys were going to be fit and had a lot to prove but it was the team captain Josh who stepped it up by doing a double front flip on the Walk the Plank feature. Health and safety were not impressed but what can you do, what’s done is done!

Enjoy the video!

ion team running tough mudder

Well done to The Muddy Fu****s! We hope you had a great day and will enjoy watching the video edit again and again.

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