Gadget Show Live Birmingham 2014

gadget show live Birmingham 2014

Gadget Show Live Birmingham 2014

The Gadget Show Live hit Birmingham NEC from the 9th till the 13th April 2014 and we (at iON Camera) came along to join in the fun.


filming with an iON CameraIf you love technology then the Gadget Show Live is the best place for you. Here you will find some brilliant ideas and some true progression in tech – ranging from the redevelopment of simple everyday objects on to some amazingly geeky gadgetry.

It is also entertaining to see some of the hair-brained ideas that make you want to question the thinking behind them like a Dragon would from the TV show Dragons Den.

As always we at iON like to be the centre of attention and put on a show to draw in the crowds. So we brought along the iON Mini Ramp and a host of BMX & Skateboard stuntmen.

These guys always bring the entertainment (on and off the ramp) and iON Cameras are the perfect tool to capture the entertainment!

With cameras on head straps, helmets and chest straps the guys went back and forth performing tech tricks and high airs.

With Sebastian Denver Hejna (Ride BMX Editor) on the mic the crowd became loud and excitable, which didn’t go down to well with the serious gamers who were trying to concentrate!

bmx at the gadget show live

Its not a bad life for a Pro Demo Rider getting paid to ride a mini ramp for a week and with only five 30 min demos in a nine hour day there is plenty of time to mingle in to the crowds and make friends. Skaters generally don’t have the longest of attention spans and need to be entertained so we armed Luke McManus with an iON Air Pro 3 Camera, a microphone and sent him off in to the crowds with the instructions to interview some people and make friends. Here is what he came back with.

Camera man with mc

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