iON Adventure – Clips Cropped for Quicker Uploads – Using Quicktime

iOn Adventure camera with Quicktime Logo

iON Adventure – Clips Cropped for Quicker Uploads – Using Quicktime

Uploading video footage to the internet is never fun! Especially when your video clips are all at least 30 minutes long.

You hit Record mode on your iON Adventure then turn your attention to the task at hand. Its not until you reach the finish line and gather your breath that you remember to stop the camera recording. It is nice to upload your clips but you dont always want to upload the whole thing. There are obviously many different editing programs that allow you to crop your video clips down to the important highlights. However, the iON Adventure Video Clips are rammed full of important telemetry data which can be lost when while exporting from video editing software programs.

It takes no time at all to crop clips in Apples Quicktime Player while preserving the GPS data.

QuickTime is built into every Mac OS X computer and is free to download on Windows.

1. Open your iON Adventure filmed clips in Quicktime Player. Select Edit – Trim

2. Drag the yellow handles at each end of time timeline to shorten the video file and click trim.


3. File – Save


4. Select or drop your trimmed clip on to the upload area.


5. Kinomap will quickly extract the GPS data and display a preview of the video clip with added Global Position Data.

kinomap upload image

6. Enter your description and hit upload!

Your shortened video clips will upload much quicker enabling you to brag about your top speed with out having to worry about your broadband speed.


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