iON Camera goes Trialling

iON Camera goes Trialling

Rich Fraser hit the National Dan Stewart Memorial Loch Lommand 2 Day Trial with an iON Air Pro Lite WiFi to film the sections that lay ahead.  After two days of riding the Scottish Loch he finished 26th with 107 marks against his name.  Here’s how he got on!

National Dan Stewart Memorial Loch Lommand 2 Day Trial – Richard Fraser from Max Coates on Vimeo.

Afterwards Rich spoke to iON to review the camera:

I’m really pleased with the quality of the video and it shows a number of the highlights from the two days up in Scotland.  I used the handlebar mount (available for £17.99) to attach the camera to my bike.  It stayed there all the way through and never moved, the footage is surprisingly smooth as we are often hitting all sorts of rocks and bumps both in sections and on route between them.

I used the WiFi capabilities to set up the position and I was then confident that it was in the right place.  I also like that you can take pictures with the click of a button.  I was able to take some stunning shots on the go and when we saw some pretty amazing views… and I didn’t have to take my gloves off because the button is big enough to press!

Rich Fraser on a mountain at Loch Lommand
Rich stops for a selfie on a mountain at Loch Lommand. With the iON Air Pro he didn’t even need to take his gloves off to click any buttons!

It’s also surprisingly easy to use, the slider on top can be used with gloves on which can’t be said for a number of iON’s competitors and best of all it vibrates so you have the confidence that it is on and you’re going to catch your best bits on camera.  I can’t believe I can get a new camera that will film at this quality for just over £100.

The iON Air Pro range start at £99.99 and you can see the full range of iON Cameras by clicking here.

thie iON Air Pro Lite camera

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