iON Cameras capture a teams Tough Mudder experience

Tough Mudder finishers at London West

iON Cameras capture a teams Tough Mudder experience

A team of work colleagues from adam&eveDDB got together and decided to take on the hellish Tough Mudder London South

The team consisted of George, Sophie, Sean, James, Mike, Toby, Sian, Adam, Jake, Sam and louis.

Sophie tells us all about it:

I had heard lots of positive things about Tough Mudder and people who had taken part before had said it was an amazing experience so when the e-mail came round at work asking if we wanted to put a team together I knew I had to do it. I must admit I was slightly nervous when the course details came round and saw it included obstacles called ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Birth Canal’ and ‘Electroshock Therapy’ and I did wonder what I had let myself in for!  

When we arrived I was very impressed with how well organised it was and the start line was like nothing I had ever experienced before, it was almost a party atmosphere with loud music, people high fiving one another and a very motivating warm up which got everyone pumped up for the challenges ahead.

The course at times was challenging but everyone works together as a team and you all help and encourage each other over/through/under all the obstacles! The atmosphere is incredible and there’s a real team camaraderie, it definitely brought our team closer together as we pulled, pushed and cheered each other on.

Tough Mudder Electroshock therapy

When you run through the finish line and someone hands you an orange headband you might be covered in mud and tired but you feel exhilarated and incredibly proud and I genuinely felt the high for days afterwards!  

Yes Tough Mudder is a challenge but it’s an amazing experience and I would say to anyone thinking of doing it to sign up, I will definitely take part again and look forward to wearing my green head band with pride.

So well done to the whole team and check out their video which was shot on the iON Air Pro 3 Camera.

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