iON Experience – Hand Jiving in the Mud

ion experience winning team for tough mudder

iON Experience – Hand Jiving in the Mud

A team of friends has just completed one of the UK toughest endurance challenges, Tough Mudder.


camera-eye1 ‘Hand Jiving in the Mud.’  The team of six, made up of four women and two men, decided to take part in the Tough Mudder assault course after a few too many sherbets on New Year’s Eve.   The lucky teammates were chosen by iON Camera to take part in this once in a lifetime experience in the beautiful grounds of Broughton House near Kettering on 12th and 13th July.


Two members of the team had participated in Tough Mudder before and after a lot of peer pressure, managed to convince their friends to join in the fun. The team had varied training methods from circuit training, to preparing mentally, to simply watching previous Tough Mudder clips on YouTube.

tough mudder members

Team members were apprehensive as they approached the starting line, with one member of the team claiming that she had a fear of water and the other announcing she had applied a full face of waterproof make-up ready for the camera.

The team managed to complete the course and the challenges that they faced. The winners of the iON Experience competition were strapped up with iON Cameras and followed through the gruelling Tough Mudder course by the iON film crew. The team are then gifted with a polished edit to remember their day of mud, sweat, tears and laughter. Not to mention the camaraderie that powered the whole team across the finish line.

tough mudders

The sun was shinning and you all looked like you were having great fun, How was your day at Tough Mudder?

– It was a great day!  We all had fun & pushed ourselves to the limit. We are proud of challenging ourselves and some of us did things we never imagined we’d be able to do. It was a fantastic experience to share with close friends.

Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge. How do you feel you grouped as a team?

– I think we supported and gave each other courage to do things out of our comfort zone. We have amazing memories from the day and things to laugh about for years to come.

Where there any aches or pains the following day?

– Everyone was aching on different levels and some of us had some bruises that are only disappearing now but we wear those with TM pride.

tough mudder paticipant with a nasty bruise on her arm

How was it being at Tough Mudder as iON Experience winners?

– It was amazing… We felt like celebrities for the day. On top of that the iON team were cool & great fun to be around for the day.

Did it make it easier or harder having a film crew around you?

– I think some of us used it as motivation to push ourselves even more. The film crew were super friendly and made us feel comfortable around the cameras so it didn’t make it harder at all.

How did you find the iON Cameras, where they easy to use and carry around?

– The cameras were very simple to use for both video and photo features.

Will you be back to run another Tough Mudder?

– Definitely, most of us are planning one or more Tough Mudder days soon.

Anything you would like to add?

– We really enjoyed the iON experience & feel vey lucky to have won it thank you very much for choosing us!

Good luck to the next team 🙂

Well done – now for the finished movie!

tough mudders at the finish line

iON will be picking winners for every UK Tough Mudder events so make sure you sign up to win HERE


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