iON Experience winners – Tough Mudder – Midlands 2014

iON Experience winners

iON Experience winners – Tough Mudder – Midlands 2014

With the Midlands Tough Mudder drawing close, it is time to announce the winners of the iON Experience – Congratulations ‘Hand Jiving in the mud!’

Winners, left to right, top to bottom: Andrew (Drew) from South Africa (lives in London) – Sara 28 from Lebanon, living in London – Shireen 38 from London- Timour (Tim) 28 from Moscow/London/Lebanon – Lamees (Lamiska) 29 from Lebanon, living in London – Nimisha (Nim) 31 from London.

So where did your team name come from?

HAND JIVING IN THE MUD – You don’t want to know why we chose that name

Have you or any of your team members run a TM race before?

Lamiska & Drew did last year and our team of 2 became 6

How did you choose your team?

We are a bunch of good friends and there was a lot of nagging persuasion, peer pressure & aggression from Lamiska. Tim & Drew had to persuade Shireen, Sara & Nim.

That – combined with the fact that after staying up all night on New Year’s Eve, we spent the whole day watching footage of TM on YouTube – resulted in a decision to go for it (it did help A LOT that most of us were still drunk!).

Is there anyone on your team that is dreading the weekend?

Nim is dreading it & Sara though mostly excited is also half dreading it.

The drivers are probably dreading it the most as they have to remain sober

Have you been training, if so how?

Some of us started proper running for the first time in their life. Tim also started circuit training at the gym.

Some of us have only just decided to start training but haven’t done much yet.  Lamiska didn’t train enough last year & hasn’t learnt from her mistake. Sara has trained mentally!  🙂  Andrew just watched lots of TM footage on YouTube to prepare himself, is that training? Shireen hit the gym & Nim has done lots of Pilates, running & yoga.

Is there a feature that you are looking forward too (or not)?

Nim is NOT looking forward to being electrocuted (I quote “it’s not bloody Guantanamo bay”)

Tim is looking forward to the monkey bars. He isn’t looking forward to the mile carry run as he knows he will end up carrying one of the girls for the whole mile.

Andrew isn’t looking forward to Arctic Enema but most of all isnt looking forward to Tim wearing a MANKINI.

Lamiska is looking forward to the Arctic Enema. She said “it used to be my biggest fear till I conquered it last year & discovered the electric energy it produces”  She isn’t however looking forward to the end of the run as she remembers how painful her legs were without training last year (deja vu)! We are also looking forward to the new mudder legion obstacle and curious to find out what it will be (hope it’s fire in your hole).

Do you think this event will bring your friends together to be a tighter group?

Tim thinks it will make us hate each other for a day or two but eventually bring us closer.

Andrew & Shireen don’t think its possible to be any closer.

Sara says definitely.

Nim & Lamiska say we are already a tight group so taking part in TM will be another memory to add to our collection & some bonding in the mud is well overdue!

Anything you would like to add?

Veni, Vedi, Vici … I came, I saw, I conquered

Aaaaand Andrew is wondering where on the course the vodka will be hidden?

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