iON The Barrel

iON The Barrel

“The Holy Grail really isn’t it, of surfing? Getting spat out of a big tube. It’s like being reborn.” – Cale Grigson, big wave surfer.


Cale Grigson has got a point. Getting shacked is the one thing every surfer is desperate to experience. And whether you’re a green room newbie or have pulled into more tubes than a workaholic London Underground train driver, the beauty of the barrel is that it is always different, as iON filmer and photographer Tony Harrington explains:


“Every hollow wave has its own unique appeal, shape and form but they share one thing in common – that place inside a wave is a hallowed place for surfers”. 


That’s why, to celebrate the endless possibilities of the green room, iON has launched The Barrel, an online space where you can share your videos and pictures of riding barrels and showcase them to the world. With a camera like the iON Air Pro 3 attached to your board with the iON FCS Mount, you can go slow-mo, freeze frame and edit your waves to a pro standard. It’s all about sharing these sublime moments with the global surf community.

big barreling wave


Have you been getting some good barrels recently?

If so you can upload any photos or clips to where you can win monthly prizes including iON cameras!

Check out the trailer below!

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