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When the big winter swells roll towards Hawaii and California it’s a helluva show to see surfers pack their big kahunas (and often a few gas cannisters) tightly into their wetsuits and take on the might of the ocean.

The rewards are big. Amazing barrels, hell rides, enough adrenaline to power a small town, glory and the sheer thrill of surviving.

Years of experience is no insurance as Laird Hamilton shows during this January outing at Pe’ahi when the wave fondly known as “Jaws” shows all its teeth.

Mavericks regulars Rusty and Greg Long, Ken “Skindog” Collins and Tom Lowe even occasionally get a “Sorry, Try Again” from the monsters that lurk off Halfmoon Bay. And Oahu’s Pipeline serves up some pounders. Buckle up. Here come some wipeouts…

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Grinding tunes thanks to rock star Matt Reardon.
Tune is “Rusty Halo”

Filmed, edited and produced by Tony “Harro”Harrington. @harroart

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