Mounting the iON camera for fishing

Bill McDonald

Mounting the iON camera for fishing

Bill McDonald and the iON camera

Today we caught up with Pro Angler Bill McDonald to ask him how he uses his iON camera with his fishing. We wanted to know where he mounts the camera when he goes out on the water. He told us that he mounts his camera to the windshield of his boat to capture the front deck. he said that not only does this help him to capture his catches when he reels them in but, it can be educational. He was telling us that he will use this angle to go back and watch his fishing. He is able to get better and better at fishing because he watches how he throws his casts into the water; see how he is hooking the fish to improve his methods and improve his overall skills.


When asked what his favorite feature of the camera is his answer was simple. Bill’s favorite feature for the iON camera is the simplicity. He loves that you can “slide forward and go.” With simplicity like this there is no question if the camera is on. Allowing him to always capture his shot. Since there is a silence feature that will turn the vibration off it allows for silent turn on when you need it. He informed us that with the competitor it is hard to know if you are in the correct setting and to know if you are filming. Making iON the simple choice.


Since we know that Bill isn’t only a fisher we wanted to know how else he uses the camera. He told us that he uses his camera for not only the fishing that he loves but for hunting as well. He mounts his camera on the blind facing him so that when he gets the shot he sees the facial reaction from when the shot is fired. This past hunting season he was able to get a White Tail Deer measuring in at a score of 181. He was able to capture his reaction on his iON camera and even have this shot included in his upcoming TV Show. We can be on the lookout soon for the High Road with Keith Warren. Keith and Bill are hoping to make it up to Canada this next year for some more hunting. He is hoping to get an even larger deer this next year.

To see more tips and tricks from Bill McDonald follow his FLW adventure this weekend at the Walmart tournament in Beaver Lake, AR.


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