Perranporth Tour Stop – Sunshine – Small Waves – The Scribes – DJ YODA

Perranporth Tour Stop – Sunshine – Small Waves – The Scribes – DJ YODA

A thick morning mist lay on the Cornish town of Perranporth – before long the sun burned through to reveal the ‘Today is Perfect’ tour bus in all its glory.

Parked high up on Cliff Rd, the bus had the best view in town. Surfers and passers by came to say hello and were excited to not only meet the pros but to get some excellent advise on choosing the correct surf equipment. The tour bus is loaded with boards and O’Neill wetsuits which people can try. Where else can you get to use top of the range surf equipment for free?  Even better guests can have Ninja style pro coaching from Sam Lamiroy who grades surfing ability like a karate sensei, more about the grading criteria and iAM Bands Here.

iON Cameras are used for video analysis in the water which can then be reviewed and critiqued on TV in the tour bus.
iON Cameras with a hat and some surf wax


Lukas Skinner is only 6 and can only be described as a Little Ripper!

Having Ben Skinner as a dad to look up to, Lukas is sure to be one to watch out for in the future. Not only in the water but on a skateboard. The waves were small but perfect size for a little man like Lukas.

Tune by DJ YODA. See more Here

As the evening set in the crowds moved down to the Watering Hole Bar to ‘Live the Dream at the UK’s only bar on the beach’

Crowds relaxed and enjoyed the sunset with tunes put on by O’Neill before an evening of  DJ YODA and The Scribes.


All video shot on iON Cameras – Light weight High Definition video/photo cameras that are small, robust and waterproof with out the need for a bulky plastic case.



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