Power Rangers Win the iON Experience for Tough Mudder NW

Power rangers

Power Rangers Win the iON Experience for Tough Mudder NW

A team from the Greater Manchester have decided to take on Tough Mudder in the hope of raising money for a 2 year old named Leo who has Spastic Diaplagia Cerebral Palsy.

The iON Experience winning team who will be dressed as Power Rangers will be strapped up with iON Cameras and followed by iON’s Creative Capture film crew as they tackle the burly Tough Mudder obstacle assault course. iON will then create a video edit highlighting the teams adventurous day out.

Team members will be dressed as follows:

Donna – Pink, Kirsty – Yellow, Nikki – Pink, Emma 1- Pink, Emma 2- Yellow, Chris – Blue, Dave – Black, Phil – Red and Dec – White

Five members of the team work for a building firm named Kaberry in the North West.  Donna who is the Financial Director at Kaberry is a very good friend to the mother of Leo who needs the surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.

leo who needs surgery and physiotherapyDec who is leading the team in to the iON Experience said:

“When Leo’s family started trying to raise money for the operation early this year we had a think about what we could do as a company to raise some money towards the cause and TM was thrown into the suggestions and eventually agreed upon (much to the dismay of some of the people that came to spectate us the year before as they knew what was coming!).

The power rangers idea came later after it was decided we’d dress up this time round, Initially it was just the guys as power rangers, we bought a couple of the morphsuits as the girls weren’t really keen on the idea of morphsuits (too figure hugging apparently!) but once the initial batch had arrived and they’d tried on the ones some of the guys had ordered it was then decided we’d get them for everyone.

Our team ranges in age from early 20’s to early 60’s. Non of us are gym fanatics of any real sort. I’d say i was probably the least fit on the team, I did a tennis match as training for it last year with Chris and so far have been on one twenty minute run this year as my ‘training’. A lot of the girls have been doing their circuit training and spin classes for weeks now in order to get fit for it so I imagine i’m largely going to get shown up on the day.

I think everyone is least looking forward to electroshock therapy after seeing us do it last year. Those shocks just plain hurt. Luckily being a legionnaire and all that Chris and I have been throughly rubbing it in that we have the opportunity to skip it if we want!

Aside from that, all the guys aren’t looking forward to the state of our ‘packages’ following arctic enema, the morphsuits really don’t leave much to the imagination…”

The team hope to raise £2000 and are well on their way. If you would like to donate money to this great cause then you can do so by clicking Here.

We wish the team the best of luck and look forward to meeting you on the weekend!

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