Ricky Bates and Bowser the Dog

Shiba Inu dog

Ricky Bates and Bowser the Dog

Ricky Bates is a snowboarder who lives in Colorado with his best friend Bowser. We caught up with Ricky and he tells us how Bowser gets a dog walk with a difference!


Bowser is a Shiba Inu which as a breed can cope very well with mountainous terrain. He has a pretty thick coat but he can still get cold if he gets to many face shots at once. I usually bring and extra jacket so he can curl up and get warm when he needs to.


I snowmobile as much as I can and half of the time Bowsers with me. I used to live in Jackson, WY so I like to go back there and visit friends. Almost everyone I know up there has their own snowmobile too.

We have been travelling up to Idaho for the past couple years which is always a blast. Bowser and I are hoping to take the sled all the way up to Canada this winter!

Usually I like to build backcountry jumps or sometimes just like to go out on my snowmobile and get crazy in the trees. It is great having iON Cameras on hand as they are so small light and convenient. The quality is so great too and I am starting to build up a fair amount of snowboard footage, however I always seem to end up with lots of photos and footage of my Dog! ha ha

Bowser runs behind the sled until he gets tired then I will let him jump on until he wants to run again. Bowser is the best passenger you could have on a snowmobile because he weighs only 20 pounds so I never have to yell at him to lean into the turns!

RickyBates is sponsored by iON, Santa Cruz, Adidas eyewear, Purl Wax, Freestyle Watches, AWE athletics. Ricky competes in events such as Kick Aspen Big Air and World Heli Challenge. Ricky is also part owner of Mr. Nice Guy Coffee and heads up the Roastafari Team! to learn more go check them out at



Above Ricky footage filmed on an iON Camera. Below, Ricky takes the iON Adventure for a test run. The Adventure Camera has built in GPS

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