Sean Walkinshaw Interview

Sean Walkinshaw - EuroFormula F3 - Campos Racing

Sean Walkinshaw Interview

Sean Walkinshaw is the youngest member of the Walkinshaw motorsport dynasty, a name synonymous with motorsport.  In only his third season of racing he has competed in the EuroFormula Open with Campos Racing, an outfit sponsored by iON! We caught up with the 22 year old at the end of his maiden season in the series in which he finished 9th with nine top ten finishes.

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iON Camera: Your Father Tom must have been a great introduction into the world of motorsport, was he the only person to inspire you?

Sean Walkinshaw: Yes My dad was a huge influence in my introduction into motorsport. When I was younger I constantly used to miss school to go to races in whatever country around the world it was in. There were other drivers who influenced my decision and inspired me to go into motorsport and all of them used to or still currently race for us in the Australian V8 Supercar Championship but my father was still the biggest influence.

iON: You have been racing for just over three years, what have been your major achievements so far?

Sean: There are probably two main achievements that I’m proud of and that is starting on pole for the Delhi F1 support race, and the other is this season in general, because even though I haven’t got the results I would have liked I have learnt so much this season and Campos have developed me so much as a driver.

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iON Camera on race cariON: As well as racing you also own a team that races in the BRDC F4 Championship.  What lead to that decision and does it help you in your racing? Also you’ve just had some pretty exciting news with the team, tell us more…

Sean:  Well the main reason I wanted to set up SWR is because our family have always had a big influence in British motorsport and even though we are still involved in Australia we haven’t been involved in anything in Europe for such a long time so I thought it was time that we got back into it. The BRDC Formula 4 championship was the perfect opportunity to get back involved because it was a new championship and we knew it was going to be ran well by MSV and it was going to be well supported by the BRDC.

Yes we have just become the Caterham F1 Driver Development Programme team which is huge for SWR, it’s incredibly prestigious and a real recognition of what we’ve achieved up to now. The link with Leafield is something very special too for me personally, it was obviously the HQ for TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) and holds many special memories for the Walkinshaw family.

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iON: What do you see yourself racing in five years time?

Sean: Well most drivers would say Formula 1 and even though that it is still my goal and ambition I would also love to be in Sportcars especially now that in recent years it is becoming more and more popular.

iON: You’ve been using the iON Camera’s in the European F3 Open series with Campos Racing – how have the camera’s helped and what are their best features?

Sean: The iON Cameras have been really important this year in developing me as a driver. Cameras now a days are becoming more and more important so that you are able to analyse the run that you have done especially on making sure that your lines are correct which is a fundamental part of racing. The best attribute of the Camera has to be the visual quality of the camera which is very important for racing because of the high speed that we go and the vibrations that it goes through and the quality is still amazing.


The iON team wish Sean all the best as he prepares for the 2015 racing season and find out more about Sean Walkinshaw Racing by clicking HERE


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