Summer bike trips with the iON camera

Corey Bohan

Summer bike trips with the iON camera

Two wheeled adventures

Do you have summer vacations planned to Moab, the caves of Louisville, or just down the street we have the camera to capture it all.

While downhilling at Keystone, CO or the trails where you live you are going to need a few things. The main one being a helmet but, recording your adventure and showing your perspective of shooting down the trails, between the trees, and over the jumps is definitely not something you will want to miss. But just in case you take a fall you will need a camera that can fall with you and get back up. Our Air Pro 3 camera has an aluminum body that can definitely takes some scrapes and bumps just like you can.

If you prefer to climb mountains and then fly down them then you won’t want to miss out on the scenery all around you. Wether you prefer the beauty of the Arches National park in Moab, UT or the beautiful greenery of the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern US don’t miss out on all that is around you and record it so you can watch your trip over and over again.

If the skate park is more the type of playground you want to be in then, grab your friends and head on out to work on your tricks and collect some footage. If you are working on bar spins over the spines, an Ice Pick, or are just learning to drop in then you can record your self to improve your skills and compare them against the professionals or you can record yourself and become a professional. We sure think you could.

If being the one on the bike isn’t your cup of tea maybe recording the kids doing the tricks and learning new skills will keep you still close by. You can be chasing behind the first ride with no training wheels or recording their first jumps. You won’t want to miss a single memory. The simplicity and the size allow the camera to be put in a pocket and turned on with just the slide of the top button and you are ready to go.

No matter where in the world you choose to go on a two wheeled adventure the iON camera will help you to not miss a moment. Remember that when you share your adventure tag iON with #shootshare and #ioncamera.



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