Page 3 Girl to Tough Mudder Finisher – Cirencester

team fletchdogs at tough mudder

Page 3 Girl to Tough Mudder Finisher – Cirencester

With the iON Experience proving popular for global Tough Mudder, we thought it only fair to pick 2 winning teams for Cirencester. For Day 2 we picked Team Fletchdogs.

page 3 girl melanie

Tough Mudder brings all kinds of people together regardless of age, colour, fitness level or employment so when Melanie Cooper, an ex-Page 3 Model, entered the iON Experience competition we couldn’t say no.


Melanie wanted video evidence to prove she was more than just “a pretty girl with boobs”, and she bought some friends along with her, creating team Fletchdogs, who claimed to be doing it just to get away from the kids for a day.

Team Fletchdogs are officially Tough Mudder Finishers!


Watch the video and you be the judge if she’s just a pretty girl with boobs or a badass Tough Mudder Finisher…

montage of a team completing the tough mudder wall feature a man holds an iON Camera between his teeth on the tough mudder everest feature

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 15.46.48Melanie is raising money for:


tough mudder finishing team celebrate


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