The camera to use for your summer water vacations

Surfer Peter hayes gets barreled

The camera to use for your summer water vacations

Summer water adventures with the iON Camera

With summer vacations just around the corner we want to help you be successful in capturing your water experiences. Whether you are planning your trip to the sunny beaches of Florida, the 1,ooo lakes of Minnesota, Lake Powell, or the surf and sun in California keep the memories forever. Taking your expensive phone around water and sand can be a disaster.

When you go fishing with the iON camera you can prove just how big that fish was that you caught and not worry about any water splashing. Since that fish may be trying to break the line you are definitely going to want to prove just how big it is to all of your friends and what better way to do that than a water proof camera? Maybe you are trying out fishing for the first time this summer and you want to learn how to get better at fishing. You can record from your cast to the catch and compare it to other fishermen to see how to improve your fishing game. If you are a parent then you aren’t going to want to miss out that first fish!

When you go to the big Lakes for water skiing, wake boarding, or the countless other water sports you will definitely want to capture the backflips, the wrecks, and the all around good time that comes with being on a boat. You can capture the adventure without worrying that your phone will be destroyed from the water and it can stay nice and safe in the cabin while you record all the adventure. You can mount the camera on the boat to capture the atmosphere of the boat life.

When you are at the beach the biggest thing is the sand and the waves. The iON Air Pro 3 is waterproof up to 50ft and if you drop it into the sand there is no need to worry since you can just rinse off your camera and keep going. Take it out into the surf with you and capture the HUGE wave that you caught. Capture your first time to the beach. Capture the sand castles that the kids build. Free yourself from the worry that something will happen to the lifeline known as your phone and use the shoot share to upload the photos from your beach adventure straight to your social media.

If you are a water adventurer then you can mount the camera in many different ways to capture your adventure to obtain the serious bragging rights that come with all the things you did. When you are posting your bragging rights don’t forget to tag iON in your social media. You can use #shootshare and #ioncamera and we may even repost what you have shared giving you the ultimate bragging rights.

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