The iON Air Pro range is the choice of cameras for autosport enthusiasts.

The iON Air Pro range is the choice of cameras for autosport enthusiasts.

All iON Cameras in the Air Pro range have a 1/4 inch standard tripod screw mount in the underside which makes iON Cameras straightforward and simple to mount in/on cars or motorbikes. The streamline shape, robust high-quality aluminium barrel and hard scratch resistant dome lens are some other factors that set iON above the competition.

ion camera on campos euroformula car

Adrian Campos has over 30 years of motorsport experience and has played the role of driver, team manager, driver´s manager and has his own race team Campos Racing. Adrian is a proud ambassador for the iON Cameras and quoted we spend so much of our time making sure our cars are streamline and lightweight, why would we then add an un aerodynamic, heavy camera?”  Team Campos Racing created their own custom carbon mounts to fit the camera to the sides of their race cars. The Air Pro weighs only ~130g / 4.5oz which is lighter than many of the rivals due to the fact that it doesn’t need any additional heavy plastic housings.

This video was shot on the Air Pro Lite (£149.99)


If the weather turns bad, it isn’t a problem. All Air Pro Cameras are waterproof (10 meters) and the dome shaped lens helps distribute the rain drops away from the lens so that the HD video footage remains crisp and clear. Check out this video of Petter Solber racing in the FIA World Rallycross Championships in rainy Belgium.

This footage is straight out of the iON Air Pro 3 and hasn’t been colour corrected or modified but more importantly notice how the water clears from the lens when Petter hits the gas on the straights.

With the Air Pro range starting at £149.99 for the Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi the cameras are often not nearly as expensive as many of the other components on a car. In fact Petter Solberg said “loosing a camera is nothing compared to when we loose the carbon splitter that camera is attached too, this is way more expensive!”

iON Cameras mounted in Petter Solbegs car

In this video Petter was trying to make up some time after a jump start. He was brushing so close to the walls that it looked like he was almost trying to loose the camera. Eventually the camera was smashed off and was projected high in to the sky. The camera was retrieved un harmed and was remounted on to the car for the finals!

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