The iON Monkey Mill Competition at Tough Mudder NW 2014

the iON Monkey Mill machine at Tough Mudder NW

The iON Monkey Mill Competition at Tough Mudder NW 2014

Imagine a treadmill turned upside down, the track replaced with bars and there you have it, The Monkey Mill.

The challenge was set and the goal was to find out who could stay on the longest. An early time of dangling and swinging before dropping was set at little over a minute. Many thought that breaking this time would be a breeze, however it took a while longer than many thought.

Saturday’s winner (see below) managed an epic time shortly after completing Tough Mudder. Heron Palmer set the bar on Sunday at 1:58 and it seemed no-one could beat him but in the final hour (literally) Heron’s time was beaten by only 10 seconds!

We had an Air Pro 3 mounted to the frame and tried to film as many people that tested their strength (many after finishing Tough Mudder!). So if you or someone you know had a go on the Monkey Mill watch the video to see if you are in it and share with your friends. Sorry if we missed you!

Winners of the XFM Tough Mudder Competition came by to pick up their iON Camera and decided try their luck on the Monkey Mill.
xfm competition tough mudder winners

And now to announce our winners!


Saturday – Tom Merella – 2:30

Sunday – Jamie Harris – 2:08


Both winners will be sent an iON Air Pro WI-FI Lite bundle so they can create their own iON Experiences.




Below: Tom and friends with the weekends highest time.

winner of the monkey mill competition

Here is the video evidence, Tom Merella – 2:30

monkey mill logo

For more info on the Monkey Mill visit

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