The iON Rotolight

The iON Rotolight

When it comes to photography it is imperative to have sufficient lighting. The word “photography” comes from the Greek words, Phos meaning light and Graphis meaning drawing. So basically drawing with light!


When working with video you require a more consistent stream of bright light which would drain any camera battery in a very short period of time. So iON have teamed up with Rotolight to bring you this great lighting kit that works perfectly with any action camera.



The kit is easy to set up, robust and splash proof making it an ideal product to be taken out in to the elements.

The ring light offers a bright flicker free continuous light with excellent colour rendering. Seven lighting gels are included for variable colour temperatures, plus dimming, diffusion and minus green filters.

Also included in the pack:

  • Twin ¼ inch mount adapter
  • Rotolight stand with a basic photography hot shoe mount making the Rotolight compatible with DSLR or other cameras.
  • 360-degree ball swivel
  • Floating foam shotgun grip
  • All packs away neatly in the included accessory pouch.


turning on the iON Camera


iON Rotolight Kit

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