Tough Mudder

Team iON at the tough mudder event

Tough Mudder

Anthony Townsed of the National Farmers Union approached us wanting some cameras so he could document his teams Tough Mudder Adventure. Here is what he had to say:

The first Tough Mudder I took part in was the Midlands 2013 event in May. This was fuelled by the intention of raising money and awareness for the charity Myton Hospice. The Myton team provide high quality, specialist care to people whose condition no longer responds to curative treatment, from diagnosis to death. So, I set off on a mission and started to approach companies/brands to acquire prizes for a giveaway to some of the luck donators.  It was at this point I contacted iON in hope of having a camera donated to capture the footage from the Tough Mudder event. The reason I contacted iON was due to the lightweight, slim, waterproof design that would withstand a vast amount of bumps, water and mud. The ion camera was put to the test and produced fantastic footage for all our supporters to watch. iON had certainly made a product to beat anything thrown at it, whilst maintaining a very good looking appearance at an unnoticeable weight.

My team for the May event accepted the challenge without hesitation, as this charity have cared for a member of all our families in the past. One member of the team didn’t even know what Tough Mudder entailed until a week before the event, which did provide some comedy value once he had visited the Tough Mudder website.
I chose Tough Mudder due to its unique obstacles that would surely make us worthy of the charitable donations raised, and Tough Mudder did exactly that!!
After this event I stayed in contact with iON and was given the opportunity to represent them at North West Tough Mudder 2013. I accepted immediately and started to assemble my team. I wanted to create a different atmosphere for this event, so encouraged five of my work colleagues to take part in something they had never done before. Once again, the challenge was accepted without hesitation.

Team iON at Tough Mudder
We arrived on the Sunday morning, got geared up with the iON cameras and t-shirts, and we were ready to represent. The cameras looked great and everyone felt comfortable in the head and chest straps. The ion cameras stood strong through the vast amount of river water, the freezing temperatures of Arctic Enema and the unbelievable amount of mud in the Mud Mile.
Having completed the Midlands Tough Mudder, I would definitely say that the North West had a lot more mud which made it a lot harder than the Midlands event, but having said that the North West is certainly my favourite course so far.

Team iON covered in mud at the tough mudder event
The best part of the North West Tough Mudder was, without a doubt, Electric Eel. I couldn’t help but laugh all the way through this obstacle. I’m not sure whether this was due to the shocks, or listening to the screaming around me, either way, this was a fantastic obstacle.

Thanks to iON for the opportunity to represent them and capturing the footage from what was most definitely the best Tough Mudder to date.

Electric shock at the tough mudder event

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