Tough Mudder’s New Official Sponsor: A Chance to Win the Ultimate iON Film Experience

Team iON at the tough mudder event

Tough Mudder’s New Official Sponsor: A Chance to Win the Ultimate iON Film Experience

UNITED KINGDOM, April 10, 2014 – Think you are tough? Then show us what you got!  iON Cameras and Tough Mudder have teamed up to offer Tough Mudder participants the chance to win the ultimate iON Film Experience.

Tough Mudder wants you to show iON Cameras what makes their team true Mudder material.  The winning teams will have iON Cameras strapped to their heads which will follow your team through the mud, allowing your team to star in their own Tough documentary with their team!


iON even has an offer for those teams not chosen for the iON Film Experience.  iON is offering every 2014 Tough Mudder team a big discount on the ultimate Mudder x iON action bundles.  Tough Mudder participants can go hands-free and film their team staying the course in crystal clear HD, then share their pain once the mud has settled.




Essential Information:

iON Cameras aim to take wearable, tough, high definition cameras to the people.  “The entire family of iON Cameras takes action sports to the next level,” says iON founder and CEO Giovanni Tomaselli, “where ease-of-use and connectivity are just as important as image quality.”  With ground up engineering, iON have built on the successes of action cams to create an aerodynamic, fully mountable moving and still image camera that’s as intuitive as it is sturdy.


Key features include:

  • One-click capture: Easy to use, with intuitive controls and vibrating confirmation when starting or stopping recording
  • Auto Rotation G-Sensor: Automatically adjusts image when camera is tilted
  • CamLOCK system: Allows you to tilt or swivel camera without removing camera from mount
  • Modular Wi-Fi PODZ (included with the Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi): Enables speedy, wireless uploading and sharing of videos and stills, without adding excess weight to the camera or requiring extra accessories
  • iOS and Android apps allow use of phones or tablets to start, stop and pause camera recording, change camera shooting modes, transfer files from camera to phone for easy uploading, check battery life, and more
  • Built-in microphone: In addition to the noise-reduction feature, the Air Pro 3 also includes 3.5mm audio-in jack, enabling use of accessory microphones for optimum audio quality
  • Multi-Region AC adapter: Comes standard with camera


The iON mounting systems offer a wide variety of options for all activities: iON FCS Mount for surfing and water sports, iON Rollbar Mount can withstand high speeds and vibration for motorsports and other high speed activities, and the iON Head Strap and Goggle Mount enables hands-free use of iON cameras for a wide variety of sports and other applications.


About iON Cameras:

iON Cameras pioneered the concept of Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity in point-of-view (POV) cameras with its aerodynamic and fully-waterproof Air Pro, Speed Pro, Adventure and The Game lines. Designed for pros and amateurs alike, iON cameras make it easy to capture and share high-definition video and still images, with Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage. iON America’s experienced team has been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of digital imaging products worldwide for over 20 years.


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